My business is small (well, it’s just me!) and I need your help. Here is how you can support me and other lightworkers and wellness professionals in your life during the COVID-19 quarantine and beyond. Think of all the people in your life who are working very hard to share their light despite their personal circumstances and the challenges of running a small business. Think of the healer, medium, chiropractor, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, past life regression therapist, astrologist, yoga teacher, sound healer, life coach, or any other wellness-focused business owner in your life.

Here’s how you can help the healers in your life:

  • Share, like, and comment on their posts, videos, offers, healings, and events.  Turn on your notifications so that you are aware of what they post and show your energetic support with the click of a button or with a heartfelt comment. Social media isn’t what it used to be, everything we put out there lovingly reaches only a small fraction of our followers. Any help you can give would be hugely appreciated!
  • Give them a shout-out. Share their websites, social media pages, or posts with a shout-out to them at your Facebook, Instagram feed or stories, or any other social media of your choosing. While at it, tell them why you love following them and tell others why they should do so too.
  • Love on them. Write them a heartfelt review and a testimonial. Give them a reason to keep doing what they do and keep shining their light.
  • Invest in a healing product, session, or package within your means. A lot of healers, including myself are reducing their prices or making affordable healings available to you. Take advantage of this time and invest in your energetic well-being with big or small commitments.
  • Purchase a gift card. Most healers, including me, would be glad to create a gift certificate for you when you ask. Give the gift of healing to the people you love.
  • Say thank you for free offers, discounts, and for any inspiration, information, light, and support you get from these people. Tell them personally what a great job they are doing.
  • Refer them. Suggest their services to your friends and family. If they have lovingly supported you in a way that helped you navigate your life, give other people an opportunity to take advantage of the gift of their energetic support.
  • Make your voice heard. Write to them and tell them what you need from them, ask for sessions, products, offers, group healings that would help you feel calmer and better. Ask them about what you would love to learn from them in videos, blog posts, trainings, workshops or online offerings. Encourage them to keep shining their light.
  • Ask them how else you can be of help. 

With deep gratitude, I invite you to support my small business in the following ways. I deeply appreciate any big or small action you may choose to take.


Here’s what you can do for free to show your support (you can choose one or more actions from this list):

Here’s how you can invest in your own well-being while supporting my business:

With deep love and gratitude for your presence in my soul tribe. 



P.S. Next week I’ll write about what I feel healers can do to help themselves, their business and their tribe during this time.