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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

Heart Chakra Crystals – Healing Your Heart



July 10, 2019

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You are entirely made of energy.The Chakras (Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit) are the energy centers in your body. They can be described as wheels of colored light that spin, and keep our spiritual/mental/emotional bodies aligned harmoniously with our physical bodies.

We have seven main chakras that regulate each of our organs, as well as our emotions and immune system. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions in your life.

About Your Heart Chakra

AKA: The Fourth Chakra, Heart Center, or Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit.
Location: Middle of the chest.
Bodily Functions/Organs: Thymus gland, entire chest area, upper back and lungs, and of course the physical heart.
Emotional/Mental/Spiritual: Self-love, spiritual love, unconditional love, romantic love, and love in general. It will allow you to live from your heart.

It is the center of your being, connecting the higher chakras and the lower chakras Healing and balancing your heart chakra is important to balancing and healing your entire being. It acts as a bridge between your higher self and what makes you human.

How to Use Crystals to Heal Your Heart Chakra

Place the stone over your Heart Chakra for 10 to 15 minutes while visualising an emerald green or pink light shining in the center of your chest. Visualize the green or pink light begin to spin at a steady pace, not too fast, and visualize the light of the crystal being absorbed into this swirling wheel of loving green or pink energy.

Affirmations are helpful with tapping into the healing power of crystals, as they speak directly to your subconscious mind. You can use the following affirmations while meditating with your heart chakra crystal on your chest, or make up one that resonates with you personally.

Examples of Heart Chakra Affirmations:

“I love. I am love. I am loved.”
“It is safe to love.”
“I completely love and accept myself.”

Once you’re done with this meditation, envision the swirling green or pink energy sinking down into your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get some fresh air afterwards, just to make sure that you’re properly grounded in your physical body. Place the heart chakra healing crystal close to your bed, or wherever you spend the most time.

You can also wear your heart chakra healing crystal as a piece of jewelry, so you can benefit from its energy all day! Carrying the stone around all day in your pocket, your purse or in a small pouch will have the same effect.

Heart Chakra Healing Crystals

Here are the best crystals for healing the heart chakra, and some info on why they’re so helpful.

Pink stones and crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Pink Rhodochrosite are crystals that bring calming, loving energies, which will help you find peace within yourself, and with others. It works to clear out toxic and harmful energies from the heart chakra, replacing them with positive and loving energy to facilitate emotional balance. Perfect for those with depression, insomnia, and many other afflictions of the emotions.

Green stones and crystals like Green Jade, Emerald, Green Calcite, Green Tourmaline, Prehnite, Green Aventurine and others will help heal the physical afflictions caused by an imbalance of the heart chakra, as well as the emotional afflictions that come as a result.

Here is more of a break-down of the green crystals, and what they’re good for specifically.

Prehnite – This stone brings unconditional love and serenity. It teaches you how to live in harmony with nature and guides the way towards spiritual growth. Prehnite is a beneficial stone for energy workers, because it heals the healer.

Green Jade – A symbol of purity and serenity, Jade gathers wisdom and tranquility. It aids in emotional release, harmonizing the heart in the process. It helps you recognize that you are a spiritual being on a human journey and to not lose sight of your path.

Green Aventurine – A healer of the heart, Green Aventurine brings well-being and emotional calmness. It stimulates the heart’s new growth and brings forth peace, prosperity and abundance.

Emerald – Emerald enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership. Calms our emotions. Allows us to recover from negative emotions and replaces them with positive action. Emerald strengthens the ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

Green Calcite – Encourages forgiveness of oneself and others, brings softness to the heart, stimulates compassion.

You can use as many different heart chakra stones as you want, or just one, but the more time you spend with these heart chakra healers, the more open you will be to universal healing love.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

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One of my podcast guests Lisa Tahir shared this healing nugget during our conversation: “Let go of the judgements you hold against yourself and find that empathy and forgiveness for you. And you’ll be able to do it easily for others and be a softer place to land for them.” It has been ringing in my ears ever since: ‘being a soft place to land’ for yourself and others. It is who and what I want to be as I grow up.

Another Healer had told me once ‘Damla as you begin to resolve your inner conflicts, others will find it easier to approach you because it won’t feel like they are coming near a war zone’. Being a war zone versus a soft place to land, in my experience that is the difference between tending to your needs, taking action to heal your energetic wounds, practicing forgiveness, love, directing your gaze to goodness every single day versus not doing anything about your wounds, your needs, and your well-being.

How can I be a soft place to land for myself and others? How can I treat the life that is here and now with more compassion, forgiveness, and listening instead of getting lost in my own and the world’s trauma and drama? I am asking these questions to give myself a chance to choose between being a war zone and a soft place to land.

What will you choose to be today? And if it really feels like a war zone within you (I know how that feels) and it has been feeling like that for a long long time (I know how that feels too), when will you choose to get help?

With lots of love and light,


P. S. If you are new to my blog and just getting introduced to my work, here’s more about me, here’s more about my healing work, and a few more healing reads herehere and here.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

Rockhounding on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands – Vancouver Island News, Events, Travel, Accommodation, Adventure, Vacations



Rockhounding on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands2019-01-14T23:42:12-08:00

Discover ancient fossils, sedimentary chert, or just regular old pretty stones. Vancouver Island’s volcanic origin and the ancient uplifting of tectonic plates promises the energetic hounder a constant supply of interesting treasures and precious finds. Combine rockhounding with casual strolls along the beach or strenuous hikes in search of exposed mineral veins – either way, you’re in for a memorable outing amid magnificent scenery!

Sedimentary Rock Formations, Conery Crescent Beach, Pender Island, Gulf Islands, British Columbia
Sedimentary Rock Formations, Conery Crescent Beach, Pender Island, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

The abundance and accessibility of beaches on Vancouver Island makes it a ‘gold mine’ for the rockhound. Most beaches are public with good access, and full of treasure at low tide. The glacial origin of the Island is responsible for large deposits of debris full of rocks, with the fascinating geology visible everywhere here and in the Gulf Islands. Ferocious winter storms constantly churn up the coastline, offering renewed bounty to the rock enthusiast.

Even the cobble beaches within Victoria can provide areas of interest to the rockhound. Dallasite, named after Dallas Road, is a volcanic rock found on almost any beach, and is not restricted to the Island. Just outside Victoria on the way to Swartz Bay is Island View beach, the site of several palaeontological finds and a good area for rocks and fossils. Large pieces of the sedimentary cliffs that overhang the beach often crumble to the ground below, revealing precious fossils and rock specimens.

West of the city, between Sooke and Jordan River, miles of rockhounding terrain include Whiffen Spit, Sooke Bay, Otter Point and Gordon Beach. Each of these areas has its own unique beauty, geography and rock finds.

Driving north up the Island will bring you to the Cowichan Lake region, including the ridge around Lake Cowichan and the community of Youbou, known for their supplies of rhodonite. At Nanaimo there is Petroglyph Provincial Park and the Horne Lake area (Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park), which is rich in dallasite. The beaches at Parksville and Qualicum Beach are wonderful for rockhounding, beachcombing and swimming.

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park has a spectacular series of waterfalls and pools with unusual geological formations and interesting rocks and boulders. The area has been made into a provincial park and campground, and it is an easy day trip from Victoria. To get there, drive west out of Parksville for ten minutes on well-marked roads.

Many of the Gulf Islands are home to interesting geology, and provide good areas for rock hounding, particularly Saltspring Island, Saturna Island and Hornby Island.

Wherever you travel on Vancouver Island, it is possible to discover interesting geological specimens. The experienced rockhound will not find it difficult to search through the overgrowth and vegetation of inland areas, while the novice may want to stick to the beach. Either way, the trails, roads and paths that crisscross the Island make it possible to have a rewarding rockhounding experience.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

All about healing and more



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