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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

Grounding Meditation To Become Grounded: Healing Crystals For You



Take Action If You Are Ungrounded

Written By Liz Oakes

Doing a grounding meditation can help you if you feel you are ungrounded.

Even if you have not heard about this type of meditation before, you probably have heard of the concept of grounding.

Grounding is very important for everyone, but especially critical if you have been doing spiritual development or psychic work. 

Being ungrounded is unnecessary and is totally preventable. So what action could you take to ensure you stay grounded and healthy?

Whenever possible, walk barefoot on the earth in a garden or park, or go for a barefoot walk on a beach, to achieve earthing. 

Black Andradite GarnetBlack Andradite Garnet is both a grounding and protective

grounding is important, and walking in the water will aid your
emotional body as well.  

As you do this, you release energy from your
body, and it is transformed into earth energy when you discharge it into
the earth below your feet.

How To Do A Grounding Meditation

When you are not able to get outside or ground yourself to the earth for any reason, do a grounding meditation.

Relaxing…centering… grounding… very important actions for your overall well-being.

Go within, become centered, then follow through with the visualization in the following grounding meditation.

If you are unsure if you are ungrounded, check out my article on spiritual grounding, where there are a list of symptoms of being ungrounded.

Your Grounding Meditation

A most effective grounding meditation involves using visualization, to assist you with spiritual grounding. Sit down in a chair in a relaxed position.

It is best done with bare feet that you place flat on the floor, so that you are can feel as connected to the earth as possible.

As you are sitting there, centered, relaxed and at peace, you need to visualize the following:

As you close your eyes, begin by mentally drawing a line from the bottom of your feet down into the earth.

Visualize a spot about twelve inches below the sole of each foot.

Imagine that you can feel any excess energy you may have in your body moving down your legs, and moving out of your body into the earth.

Do a grounding meditation

Now I want you to imagine that you are a tree, a beautiful tall, healthy tree.

Feel your roots descending from the soles of your feet, as you send them down, deep into the earth.

You go deeper and deeper into the cool moist earth, and as you do you begin to take nourishment from it. 

You feel your roots growing stronger and you feel your life-force energy deepening and strengthening.

You feel a surge of love and gratitude from Mother Gaia come up through
your roots and into the soles of your feet and up into your body.

This love and gratitude is for the gift of energy you have given to

You spread your arms above your head, and visualize that these are
your branches. You feel leaves growing on your branches, strong, healthy
and vibrant.

Your branches reach high into the sky, enjoying the
warmth of the sun on the leaves, or the coolness of the moon.

You reach
up to make contact with spirit, and gather the energy from the Divine
Source and allow it to energize and nourish you.

You have had
your fill so you allow the balance of the vibrations from the higher
realms to make its way down your body, and slowly filter down your legs.

Black TourmalineBlack Tourmaline

As you allow this energy to flow out of the soles of your feet, you give thanks for the gift you have been given.

You feel gratitude to Spirit for the gift you have been given, and
you thank Mother Gaia for all she does for you.

As you finish your grounding meditation, you give her this
gift of your body’s excess energy, to be transformed into earth energy.

you are ready you slowly open your eyes.

You know that you can come
here as often as you like and do a spiritual grounding, and that the
earth will enjoy the gift you give her of your excess energy.

Crystals To Aid Spiritual Grounding

You may like to use Black Kyanite first, shown in the image below, before you use any other stones, as it is extremely helpful for grounding.

Black Kyanite is highly recommended when doing spiritual grounding, but any color of this stone will help you.

All colors of Kyanite have the added advantage of aligning your chakras.

Most grounding stones are earth star chakra stones, but you also may find helpful stones among the base or root chakra stones.

For grounding and protection, many of the black gemstones and crystals are highly beneficial.

So which stones should you use? Have you seen the list of grounding stones?

Check out the chart and list on the grounding stones page, to discover more about the best and strongest stones for grounding, as many stones listed there are easily obtained.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

Why Join Our Crystal Healing Community? • Crystal Healing Techniques



Hi! My name is Vivien Schapera and I am a teacher, healer and author living in Cincinnati, OH. About 25 years ago, I began downloading a new modality of crystal healing, which is called Crystal Surgery. Now, decades later, my husband, Neil, and I have created a website which is turning into a very meaningful resource for everyone interested in crystal healing.

Seeking Crystal Healing Resources?

This morning, I wrote an email to a prospective student, and it seems appropriate to share what I said with everyone who is seeking crystal healing resources. If you would like to join a like-minded community, read on!

The prospective student was enquiring about our Bachelors and Masters Study Groups. Here’s the email that I sent:

Hi! Here are the answers to your questions:

Q.: I want to do the Masters, but I’m not sure I can get it together right now.

It sounds like the best option for you right now is the Community Membership.
This will give you access to the PDF view of the book, and several free courses that will get you started.

Q: What crystals do I need to begin?

If you go to this video and blog The Minimum Crystal Surgery Kit, there is a written list of stones that you need — but even in the beginning of Crystal Surgery, you want to first just use whatever you have got — because you need to test whether you like this style of crystal healing.

Q: If I don’t do the Masters now, when will you offer courses again?

All the courses are available all the time on the website — you can begin with the free courses:
Crystal Healing Foundation Course — free
Crystal Surgery Basics — free
Working on Others $9
Working on Self $11
Use What You’ve Got $5
And then for $50/year you can get Community Membership and that gives you the following:

  • PDF view of the textbook — unlimited

  • Skills videos — very short clips demonstrating the skills

  • How to Do Remote Crystal Healing (new course posted last week!)

Your total investment to get started, if you do all of the above: $75

The Bachelors and Masters Study Groups are a new feature that we are launching for the first time in September, 2021. In the study groups, we guide people through the courses on the website, give them partners and study buddies and we also present new content that isn’t yet on the website. We are in a testing phase for this style of presentation of the content. 

It is possible that more people will want to begin Study Group in January/February 2022 — I don’t know. And, as we are in testing mode, I’m waiting to see how this all unfolds. As I write, I can report that registration has far exceeded expectations and people are very, very excited about this learning opportunity.

Additionally, I think it is helpful to share my answers to these FAQ’s:

What crystals are most necessary before starting the courses? I encourage people to begin by using what they’ve got, and later to get a minimum crystal surgery kit.

Is it best to have the physical version of the book or is the pdf version enough? I think it is wise to begin with the PDF version and to first test level of interest. An unlimited view of the PDF is now available via Community Membership. 

Can we download the pdf version of the book? Unfortunately not. The world of ebooks is very complex it turns out. (From an author’s point of view, it is one big rip off! Yikes!) Our best solution was to simply offer the ebook via our website — and that is what we’ve done, published the PDF.

I would like to ask about your wands. Is it best that they are custom made for each individual? Yes, because then you can get the stones you want. We don’t pre-make wands because in the end, everyone wants to choose for themselves.

 How do you know which wands to choose for yourself from the shop? By your inner response. It is not hard to “recognize” your wand. For one thing, you can’t put it down and for another thing, if you walk away, you can’t forget it, it keeps calling you. Also, I help people choose their wands and stones.

 Do we need wands before starting all your courses? No. I recommend people study first and buy wands quite a lot down the road. As one learns more, one’s taste changes. Collecting wands should be spread over a few years. The wands are very big, important purchases.

Ready to join our community of Crystal Healers? Here’s where to go: Community Membership.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

When Two Crystal Healing Experts Meet • Crystal Healing Techniques



When Two Crystal Healing Experts Meet

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Pearson for our radio series called The Schapera Show, broadcast on the second Friday of the month, and then available on demand, so you can listen any time.

What do two crystal healing experts discuss when they meet?

Nicholas is a prolific author of crystal healing books, including The Seven Archetypal Stones (2016) and Crystal Basics, The Energetic, Healing and Spiritual Power of 200 Gemstones (2020). Usually, a radio interview focuses on the human-interest aspect of the author’s story, but for us, this was a unique opportunity to go deeper into the science and spirituality of crystal healing.

From my experience with crystal healing, I would say that there are two broad categories of crystal healers – those engaging the metaphysical properties of crystal healing via love and compassion and those engaging the scientific properties of crystal healing via knowledge and research. Of course, in practice these two categories overlap, because crystals simply don’t care about your position, they just want you to provide them with arms and legs so they can do their work. However, for those of us who are investigating the effects of crystals, we like to understand the why and the how behind the seemingly miraculous healing power of crystals.

These are some of the questions we covered in our interview:

  • Nicholas, everyone has their own super-duper adventure story about crystals – how did you get into crystals?

  • I recently discovered how ignorant I am on this one particular aspect of crystals: How are crystals classified?

  • What’s the relationship between health and coherence?

  • Us crystal healers use the term “crystal” very loosely from the scientific perspective. Can you tell us what’s the definition of a “crystal” and what the actual distinctions are?

  • I have a “technical” question for my own benefit: Why does Emerald feel different from the other Beryls?

  • So, crystals are “born” … and then what … are they eternal?

  • While we’re on these more technical subjects, I’d also like to ask about EMF’s, because that seems to be the big buzz these days. What can you explain to us about EMF’s?

  • From Crystal Surgery, I understand how crystals can affect our physiology – via electricity, chemicals and physics – but how come crystals can affect us spiritually? What is the mechanism for that?

  • From your current work with people, what do you think the universe is asking us to be aware of so that we can help ourselves from this moment into the future?

  • So, we can use crystals in specific ways to balance our energy. Is there such a thing as a “signature” or “personal” crystal – a crystal that is especially compatible with who we are?

Interested? Join us at 9am.PT/12noonET on Friday, October 8, 2021 at – The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called “Life.” Can’t attend? No worries – you can listen on demand.

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Gemstones, Crystals And the World Of Weird

Oct 23: Live & Interactive Online Crystal Skull Healing Class. How to Work With Crystal Skulls



Oct 23: Live & Interactive Online Crystal Skull Healing Class. How to Work With Crystal Skulls

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